Wild Life Art by Ronnie B Goodwin

Author: Ronnie B Goodwin

My Name is Ronnie B Goodwin, and I am a Mixed Media Artist, I live in Dumbarton and my play ground is the Scottish Highlands and places further afield, I am also an Award Winning Film Maker, with 2 Oscar Qualifications to my name. I have changed direction with my art form due to a short illness, and now I create, sell and display my art.

I love to create mixed media Wild Life Art, and have created a large following of my work using social networks. The images I create are quite unusual and are time consuming to create, as well as traveling a lot in order to capture an animal of interest…

~ Ronnie B Goodwin

Ronnie B Goodwin

Ronnie B Goodwin

Mixed Media Artist at ronniebgoodwin.com
Ronnie B. Goodwin is an Actor, Director, Photographer, Cinematographer, Writer, and Editor. Known for his Award winning short films, 'Shooter', 'Fly a Legacy' and 'King'. Also an accomplished horseman, performing in the TV series 'OUTLANDER', 'FLY a Legacy' which qualified for the Best Live Short Film at the 85th Academy Awards. He also specializes in professional photography and aerial photography.
Ronnie B Goodwin

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