Venezuelans RISE against Dictatorship

Photo courtesy of: The Photographer

by Stephanie Vivarini

The Venezuelan people finally woke up, the “chavismo” doesn’t have allied party in other countries and the money used to buy votes don’t have value; Maduro’s government is at an end. There’s no speech that would feed the hungry people or dialogue for peace that would consolidate him in power- the show must end! Because it is unacceptable that this government is destroying a beautiful country that possessed a lot of opportunities and used to be one of the most important economic powers in Latin America. And now the price of the delay is reflected in the factories without raw materials, in the bakeries that don’t have bread, where there are butcheries but there is no meat, where pharmacies say there are no medicines and especially where Miraflores say that no one is governed. Everything suggests that the Bolivarian revolution is collapsed and will be recalled in history as an example of what NOT to do and a lesson about the dangerous acts of a populist politician.

Photo: Scoobay

The government project of Maduro and the people plugged in power is based on financing corruption, the productive model of exporting more young talent than oil barrels and the only thing that they were be able to organize was the repression, the increase of ignorance and poverty in the society, with the intention of retaining the power, cost the lives that cost. There is no justice in the world that punishes the depravation and selfishness of those people that at the beginning appeared with an intention to help the most needy but they ended up eliminating any possibility of progress. And the cheaters, liars, rogues or chavistas were the only ones who had the right conditions to “progress”, causing nothing more and nothing less than 700% of inflation, according to international monetary fund. There are plenty of reasons for a social rebellion, which includes all the social classes and all the ages without distinction of political parties.

It’s true that a democratic departure should be through elections but it is evident that all institutions are controlled by the government and therefore, the legal way is not transparent. The government is the law and uses it at their convenience. But now the people understand the strength of the union and that we have to raise our voice to demand what we deserve, that we are all necessary to build the country that we want and we have to be responsible for our actions. In this history the heroes must be all that share the dream of being able to carry look after their homeland and to be able to enjoy it with the family and the Caribbean Sea.




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