Trump’s Victory

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On the morning of the 9th of November 2016 we have woken up to a new president of the United States. The 45th president is Donald Trump and he was fairly elected and won by claiming three entire swing states: Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. It looked unlikely maybe even impossible but the outcome is there and he will indeed serve. Mrs Clinton has conceded and Trump has mentioned her strong campaign during his first speech.

Many will be celebrating today, however, some are dismayed and greatly disappointed by the result. Some consider that the one who has been voted in is a bigoted and racist dominant male who has no place on the political scene. It is hard to argue against these claims and not to worry about the future of the USA but what is surprising is the tone of the president elect’s first speech – he speaks about the campaign being a movement and mentions healing the great divide.


If this speech could set the scene for further political interventions and debate maybe Donald Trump could be seen as making an effort to surpass previous inappropriate comments and discourse. He speaks in an inclusive manner, mentioning the importance of the American people from all ethnicities. Many might say his speech is a promising start and beginning to his new position in the White House as he avoids negative referencing and shows a deep appreciation to the American voters.

Time will tell what Trump is capable of both in a political sense and as himself on an individual level. Many will embrace the Republicans being back in power and indeed they have the overall majority in the House of Representatives and the senate. Some though have not been impressed by this Republican nominee and feel he has tainted their respectable political party.

The vote is in and surely the American people want to make the best of this new situation where the president elect has no political background. It is a risk for sure but maybe a business approach is not too far off the mark – health insurance and many issues come down to money. Now that the campaign is over we can breathe a sigh of relief and perhaps give the man a chance? Perhaps now that he is stepping into office his advisors can help to tame his outbursts and insults and get some work done.

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Paula Smith

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