The future of techno: PolyGlove’s On Tick and pushing the boundaries of analog

Image courtesy of: KB Photography

by Andrew Schrub

While listening to On Tick I felt like entering a dystopian future operated by remains of analogue gear from the second part of the XX century. The title song on the EP is packed with delirious beats and disturbed rhythms creating a demented and lunatic intensity. PolyGlove’s latest release will definitely help you transcend the boundaries of techno music. Hard, ravishing and full of glitches and alterations, the EP makes you feel like traveling on a conveyor belt in some distant planet laboratory owned by possessed scientists. Think “Cyber- techno punk” full of relentless and driving rhythms, hypnotic and intoxicating.

Dublin’s electronic music duo smacks you in the face with psychedelic, dark, analog techno starting from the first track, the aptly named…Smack. Cranky streams of bass and grooves blend into Pure ZaQ, cooling down style and tempo, opening more of a mediative and spacey side of the duo. The EP ends perfectly with a sci-fi remix of the title track by Santa Wreck.

PolyGlove are a duo whom seem to be obsessed with glitches and the rugged nature of hardware electronica. They are able to form a sinister vibe and space atmosphere with just the right dose of absurdity. They latest EP was released on cassette tape and vinyl via Dublin indie label de/konstruk/cionez.

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