Teenage Trilogy in association with Perth Theatre

Photo by: Peter Dibdin

Exploring the heady and challenging time of transition that we all must go through, Teenage Trilogy is captivating dance theatre in three dynamic parts: live performance and music, multi-media installation and silent disco made up of our very own Teenage Times playlist.

Shaped by conversations with teenagers, parents and grandparents in Scotland, Denmark, Belgium, India and Australia, Teenage Trilogy has been in development since 2015, exploring the complex question of what it means and how it feels to be a teenager now and for as long as we care to remember.

Inspiration and ideas for Teenage Trilogy have been collated and curated from time spent working closely with groups of teenagers and ‘vintage teenagers’.  A small group of local teenagers from Lyra Young Company have become the project’s invaluable volunteer teenage advisors, helping to make video tutorials, as well as taking on a print project to create a Teenage Trilogy zine.

The voices of teenagers are also heard through contributions to the Teenage Trilogy online selfie call-out: Tell It Like It Is.

Teenage Trilogy also features cameo performances from members of the local Tramway and Perth Theatre groups and communities and the Tinderbox Collective, an Edinburgh based contemporary youth orchestra, bringing together different generations in this celebration of a time of our lives like no other.

Bring your friends, bring your family, but most of all bring your (inner) teenager!

Directed by acclaimed Scottish choreographer Christine Devaney, Teenage Trilogy brings together an outstanding creative team, including visual artist David Maxwell, musician and composer Luke Sutherland (Mogwai, Venus as a Boy), award-winning theatre designer Karen Tennent, internationally renowned lighting designer Simon Wilkinson, innovative digital designers D Fie Foe and four exceptional performers: Andrew Gardiner, Hayley Earlam, Nerea Gurrutxaga and Alexander McCabe.

This project has also led to the co-development and delivery of a successful residency in Kolkata (October 2017), where Christine worked with local teenagers, artists and elders. This shared experience with ThinkArts has inspired both organisations to continue their cultural and creative partnership and aim to undertake a further project in March 2018 focusing on the digital and performative elements of this ambitious Scotland/India collaboration – supported by British Council / Creative Scotland Partnership & British Council UK India 2017.

For more information please visit our website: www.curious-seed.com

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