Snowboard & Ski at Scottish Glenshee

by Luke Rajczuk

The winter has arrived in Scotland with heavy snow in the Highlands bringing skiers and snowboarders to the slopes at the, so-called, ‘three valleys’ of Glenshee hub. The resort is the largest snow sports centre in the UK, located in Aberdeenshire. Spreading over 4 mountains and three valleys with 22 lifts and 36 runs of various lengths and difficulty levels it makes a perfect platform for the youngest less skilled, intermediate and the most experienced of the schussing sort.

First skiers were spotted around Glen Shee in 1930s and the first lift built by Dundee Ski Club in 1947. Thanks to the road improvements, which had enabled easier access to the location, the Glenshee Chairlift Company started and modernized the valleys into a booming ski centre in the 70s and 80s. Thanks to the great geo-positioning the area is famous for its heavy snowfalls. Although it regularly brings the A93 traffic to a halt it doesn’t stop the snow sports’ enthusiasts from barging in.

On a sunny day a spectacular panorama from the hills is breathtaking and makes skiing an unforgettable experience. Scotland is not just ‘harr‘, rain and gale force winds, it’s much more than that when it gets heather purple or snowy white in Cairngorms or Western Highlands with its glacial glens (valleys) and lochs (lakes) contributing to ‘Alba‘ as a hoose (house) to astounding surprises.

Fàilte gu Alba!


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