Scottish horror fans get ready for Frightfest!

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by Stephanie Allard

The event of the year is only 2 days away. That’s right, as part of the Glasgow Film Festival, Frightfest will be back in the Glasgow Film Theatre for 3 days of non-stop horror delight. The biggest Horror event in Scotland will be from Thursday 23rd – Saturday 25th February at the GFT. 14 films will be screened over the 3 days with introductions and Q&A’s with directors.

Frightfest Glasgow happens every February during the Glasgow Film Festival and is perfect for those of us who don’t want to splash the cash to head down to London for the bigger event in August. To buy a Frightfest pass means to have access to every film for the full two days (Friday & Saturday 1pm – 1am) and as an added bonus, you get to pick your own seat for the full two days! Meaning there’s really no need to move apart from going to the toilet or getting snacks. All that the audience is required to do is sit back, relax in the comfortable surroundings of the famous GFT, and enjoy film after film, with small interruptions as directors & cast members introduce the films. For hard-core horror fans, this is the 3 days of the year that it’s possible to come & enjoy the genre without having to deal with the complaining friend or family member that “hates horror films”. We all have them. It’s safe to say that everyone in the screen over the two days are there for the same reason – a shared obsession for everything horror.

With so many films to choose from, ranging from slasher to sci-fi and even a film which screened at Cannes, it’s best to visit the Frightfest site & look into every film before committing to a £70 pass. If that seems a tad steep, it’s possible to only pay for and go and see the films you want. However, if you consider yourself a fan of the genre, it’s critical to go and at least experience the atmosphere that is Frightfest!

For all information on screenings go to Frightfest website and to book head to the Glasgow Film Festival website. Please be warned that the pass does not cover the two films screened on Thursday! These must be purchased separately. For those unlucky souls not able to attend, there will be a follow-up article highlighting the best & worst of this year’s fest.

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