by Angus Wolfe Murray

If you vote Remain you are signing up for The United States of Europe. It is pretty much that already – a parliament, a court of justice that has the power to overturn any legislation we pass in the House of Commons, a civil service that tells us how to spend the money we get back (if we don’t like it we get fined and have to return the loot) and soon, so they say, an army.

I believe that the EU has failed. No organisation can hope to reform itself, let alone change a thing, if 27 countries (soon 30) have to agree. If anyone has had experience on a committee knows how impossible absolute unity is. The only hope of reform is majority voting which goes against EU policy.

If the EU was a healthy, thriving, optimistic working entity why would it have a panic attack when one of the group wants to leave? The obvious answer is that this might encourage others to jump. Why do they want to jump? Why do we want to jump? Does ship and sinking sound familiar?

There is no unity in the EU. It’s all self interest, leaders scared of their electorate, scared of losing their power base. Look at the way it handled the Syrian refugee crisis.

Interesting footnote to the duplicity of politicians. The Turkish foreign minister spoke about Cameron’s betrayal on Newsnight. Apparently Our Leader announced that there was no chance of Turkey joining the EU until the year 3000, if ever. This was in reply to Brexit’s claim that Turkey was close to joining. According to the foreign minister Cameron had been telling the Turks that he would do whatever it takes to help in their bid.

The Remainers say that if we leave and want to make trade deals with EU countries we have to abide by their rules – i.e. continue to pay a fortune every week as we do now and keep our borders open. I don’t believe that for a moment. Does the US, China, India, et al fork out megabucks for the privilege of trading with the block, as well as allowing EU immigrants in willy and, by the way, nilly?

Big business, banks, the City, etc don’t want the Leavers to win because it would require change and cause financial havoc for a brief period. These money guys like cozy. They don’t like shake up. The status quo is biz-as-per, hassle free and profitpurrrfect. Stockbrokers must be wetting their proverbials. A Remain vote would mean shares soar. Lovely jubbly! A Leave vote would mean shares dive. Their clients will feel the pain. They wait. When the market recovers and shares start climbing again they are there, like black suited vampires feeding off the resurrection. Win win!

Economic crash follows Brexit victory! Uncertainty will cause a mini quake. But once the dust has settled things will return to normal, or even better than normal.

Immigration flood! It’s already here. In parts of the North and Midlands schools and NHS are at breaking point. Businesses cannot hire the qualified staff they need/want because the EU won’t let them. Small businesses are handicapped by red tape and then more red tape. Both tapes are expensive.

I am bored of arguing the obvious. I don’t understand why everyone I know, certainly everyone in my family, are Remainers. The EU is broken. If we stay in we break with it. A noble enterprise, I admit. Maybe a foolish one.

If it wasn’t for Boris and Nigel you might see the logic in what they say. Trouble is, who wants Boris as PM and Nigel as court jester? Noone with any sense. They said that about The Donald. It’s too crazy; it’s too scary.

As the world spins out of control, we can’t even stand alone and hold the furniture down. We have to go into the maelstrom together with our friends and neighbours because the faceless, unelected bureaucrats of Brussels say so.

The United States of the Doomed!

The tent is torn. The tent leaks. The tent flaps in the wind.

I’ll piss outside.

I like it here.

The Lost One



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