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For some, October means the end of Summer weather and the start of darker, colder days. It means pumpkin spiced lattes and getting excited far too early for the Christmas season. Please be reminded December is still over a month away! There are however those of us that see October in a different light. October means Halloween, and Halloween means one of the few times that we like to scare ourselves and those nearest & dearest to us. What better way to do this than re-watching our favourite horror films. Edinburgh’s Usher Hall intends to join in with this tradition, but with an added treat. Why watch one of the greatest horror films at home, when you could be watching it accompanied by a live orchestra at one of the city’s favourite venues?

When it came out in 1960, it was unlike anything anyone had ever seen. Or more importantly ever heard. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is arguably the greatest horror film of all time, and the score one of the most recognised. Who can forget that unsettling screeching as a knife wielding shadow attacks and kills the films main character well within the first hour. Bernard Herrmann’s work in Psycho revolutionised how we create and feel fear through sound. Many horror films after have attempted to echo the unforgettable suspense that he produced, but nothing can compare to the intensity of “the shower scene”. With its misleading beginning, and one of cinemas most shocking twists, Psycho broke boundaries not only through its music. In true Hitchcock style, the beginning presented false hope of a simple crime thriller story, before plunging the audience into a macabre tale about the darkest and most disturbing corners of the human psyche. Hitchcock always was one for laughing at the audience through his work. It’s always best to go into any Hitchcock movie blind. So for those that have never seen the film, be warned not to ruin the evening by googling the plot. Psycho deserves every gasp and scream to be genuine.

In order to celebrate the season of horror, Usher Hall will be screening Hitchcock’s Psycho, but not as you’ve ever seen it. The Royal Scottish National Orchestra will be performing Herrmann’s chilling score alongside the screening. The audience will feel every screech and every note through their bones as they watch the horror unfurl in front of them. Horror more so than other genres, relies heavily on sound to set the mood of each scene. Every build up, reveal, murder and scream must be accompanied with the right sound to enhance the viewers uneasiness and enjoyment. So, to hear one of the greatest scores not only in horror, but in film live is an opportunity that should not be missed by anyone looking to scare themselves out of sleep this Halloween.

Psycho will be showing for one night only at Usher Hall on Friday the 27th October. Tickets are still available to purchase via the Usher Hall website.

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