Pro-EU Rally at Scottish Parliament

Photo by Luke Rajczuk
by Luke Rajczuk

Thousands of people gather in the Scottish capital to demonstrate against Brexit and reaffirm the country’s allegiance to the European Union. With the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon in Brussels trying to secure a firm backing the demonstration key speakers Dr Richard Dixon from Friends of the Earth Scotland or Scottish Green Party MSP Alison Johnstone heated up the peoples’ hearts and minds with courage. The event organizer Young European Movement rep Johnney Rhodes also emanated with high energies for the Caledonian fight, which is a spirit to be praised in the uncertain times for the entire United Kingdom

Although the megaphone didn’t quite seem to carry the voices loud enough to the far crowds of the demo the atmosphere seemed positive, filled with belief and high notes of hope amongst the gathered that never surrendered and bravely remained till the very end.

See for yourself!

Video by Luke Rajczuk

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