Party Like Gatsby in Edinburgh

Photo: Carine Belmont
by Carine Belmont

Who is this Gatsby? Jay Gatsby is, above all, the character created by the American author Francis Scott Fitzgerald for his novel “The Great Gatsby” in 1925. Young and charming millionaire with a mysterious past, he frequently organizes sumptuous parties in his luxurious mansion, welcoming hundreds of guests. Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio even portrayed him in film adaptations! Nowadays, the event series “Party like Gatsby” takes up the torch by organizing glamorous and entertaining parties all around Europe in order to revisit the golden 20s.

Everything starts during the bus journey. The closer we are to our destination (the Edinburgh Corn Exchange) the more bus gets invaded by people who seem like coming straight out of the 20s. Once at destination, we easily get into the building. However, if you wish to deposit your belongings in the cloakroom, you will have to be a little patient because you won’t be the only one to have holding the idea (and also pre-plan one pound per item). One piece of advice, by the way: avoid losing sight of your friends, as it’s not easy to locate them in the crowd.

The weight of our coats gone, we are ready to discover the festivities. Everyone seems to have played the game regarding the costumes! It feels like being back in the golden years. The evening is organized in two rooms: one welcoming the artists’ shows and performances in which you will be also able to enjoy the dance floor, and a smaller one in which you will be able to stretch your legs by dancing and even by learning some swing dancing steps.

Spaces are available for those who would need to have a small break or eat. In order to quench your thirst, bars are also at your disposal (one slight note of caution, drinks are not free and considering the price of the ticket one could have expected that they would be or at least more affordable). Lastly, to create memories, you can take a photo in the twenties’ settings disposed all around the structure.

Regarding the atmosphere, the artists’ performances are varied and successfully managed. The menu: stripping, magic trick, aerial choreography, trapezist, aerobatics and much more. However, one could consider regrettable that the show does not last a little bit longer. A talented host is also here to manage the event and entertain you between two acts, notably with juggling trick. Moreover, a live band with its singer makes you move your feet to the rhythm of the music.

The evening ends around 1am on the dance floor. Our feet suffer a little, but we had great fun. For those who missed the evening in Edinburgh, don’t worry: Glasgow, Copenhagen, Munich, Helsinki and Tampere are the next destinations for Gatsby- a chance to combine wild party and travel.

Carine Belmont

Carine Belmont

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