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by Paula Smith

So Nicola Sturgeon is again the focus of our attention. Accused in the past of having sabotaged the electoral campaign, she is now discussing a four point plan and even talking of an initial paper for the planning of a second referendum. Things are moving fast as is now expected from the Scots’ First Minister. There is no time to consider, reflect and mull over the issue of Scottish independence. Indeed action is the key to achievement and results.

Nicola, a graduate from Glasgow University is now considered one of the most powerful women in the world and Scottish independence has been at the heart of her impressive career for many years. She is considered to be calm, confident and business like but some claim she lacks warmth and that this attribute would enhance her popularity. Nevertheless, Nicola Sturgeon had a 62 percent vote from the Scottish population to stay in Europe and this cannot be ignored.


Since Brexit time is marching on and in March Theresa May will trigger article 50. Scotland is in a peculiar situation, the majority not wanting independence and the majority wishing to stay in the free market with Europe. Nicola’s answer is obvious – a second referendum. Could it be that members of the Scottish population will have changed sides? Europe is no small matter and many resent the feeling that England and Brexit are pushing the Scots away from being an inclusive, open country.

Nicola Sturgeon was in talks today at 10 Downing Street along with the first ministers of Wales and Northern Ireland. She is described as deeply frustrated after talks and no more farther ahead. She restates that protecting Scotland and working with its best interests are central and key in order to progress. A devolved Scotland state should be incorporated into the broad strategic thinking which is necessary in finding a way forward.

She outlines a four point plan, which includes a new board of trade and doubling the amount of Scottish development staff. She is very clear that Scotland is open for business and that efforts should be doubled for the economy. Despite this Nicola Sturgeon will not have an easy time of it with some claiming that England should have a say on independence. Surprisingly England voters are more concerned about Scotland leaving the UK than they are about Brexit. Could it be that devolution has been too steep a step with independence potentially round the corner? Or is it that our first minister so happens to be the right person to ease fears and insecurities and so take us forward to that inevitable referendum? Time will tell.

Paula Smith

Paula Smith

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