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From bingeing on your favourite series to watching a fascinating documentary, Netflix has it all and we love it! Gone are the days of waiting for Friends to show once a week as we now have all we need at the touch of many buttons. When it comes to Friends, the mega popular sitcom of the nineties, be prepared for some extra drama…

Many viewers are delighted that Netflix is airing this show which they are so familiar with. Bring on Joey’s sandwich, Monica’s O.C.D. and Ross’s many wedding vows! There is a slight glitch however and it is having an impact on some audiences. The time factor for those who are new to the series seems to have created a bit of tension.

The comedy, loved by so many, has some people questioning the attitudes conveyed by the characters in relation to lifestyle, choices and sexual orientation. Surely we are right to consider such matters especially in today’s society where so much has gone on to change perceptions and promote equality.


Monica’s weight is an ongoing issue although it is firmly part of her past. Should we laugh off obesity and scoff another cake? Fellow characters do not hesitate to poke fun at her days of ‘over indulgence’. Although meant as a bit of light teasing it may seem offensive to those with eating disorders.

Same sex couples including Ross’s x-wife and partner who portray a modern-day couple. So what is the problem? Well consider Ross’s reaction to the male nanny employed for his daughter. He questions whether he is gay due to his career choice. It could also be said that Chandler was overly concerned when he was rumoured to be gay. Some would claim this to be a lack of awareness of gender issues and discriminative.


These episodes simply reflected the nineties/noughties many would probably argue. Exaggerated sketches are what make people tick- indeed people sat back and laughed until they cried however today’s teenagers and twenty some-things are seeing things in a slightly different way. The world is changing and our personalities, appearance and preferences shape us and those around us but should one of the most well-known comedy shows be a cause for concern?


The giant entertainment company famous in 190 countries has expanded and developed since 1997 with eighty new films on the cards for 2018. The newly added Friends series can now be watched minus box sets and satellite in an orderly fashion, the question is ‘Is Friends out of fashion?’


Surely television serves to mark our place in time and with that the attitudes, opinions and cultural expectations. The fact that today’s TV shows are more diverse, socially, culturally and personally is to be welcomed-we are moving on and widening our horizons. Watching Friends is great as it reminds us that, yes, we have come a long way in a short period of time as we embrace our modern values without losing touch with past representations.

Paula Smith

Paula Smith

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