Disrupt. Disrupt the bird. Comment Four

by Angus Wolfe Murray

Everything you think is happening isn’t. Team Remain knew they would win. Everyone endorsed the bankers and the stock market traders and the borrowers of least resistance and the capitalist confusers and the high wire millionaires. Who would have been so stupid as to vote the other way?

Summer is waiting. We wait. We wait together. Brexit means Brexit means chaos means recession means nightmares in crimson.

Hey! Hold your proverbials. It could mean freedom. It could mean survival beyond breakdown. It could mean the energy of a new beginning.

The experts lecture the uneducated. The politicians eat gravy with a fork. There is a world out there they have lost sight of. The Corbynistas represent a revolution for those who rage against the storm. Is anyone listening? The gnomes of Westminster dictate: Jeremy will never win an election. The street bandits gather. Don’t trust the voices of the informed, they say.  Boris isn’t PM. Gove has gone. George and David suck extra strong mints on the back-benches. The EU is hurting. EUKIP is leaking. Where now?

Do Not Enter!Nobody knows. Because it makes sense that Hilary has to beat The Trumpeter to maintain US supremacy of all things powerful does not guarantee her that signed-sealed-and-delivered chunk of history on a plate. In the global reach of the media’s mind-set things are stirring. Politicians have lost the trust of the people. Democracy’s flag is in tatters. Respect for institutions becomes mired in rumours of corruption. The true faith may exist only in the suffering of the dispossessed.

Hilary has the experience. If she relies on this alone she will lose. The Entertainer feels the vibe of an audience and uses it to his advantage. The Pol understands that compromise and rhetoric often contradict. The trick is look strong and play rough. The Donald plays rough up front, implying that he’s a bare fist fighter underneath when, in fact, he’s a deal maker, a businessman. You don’t go bankrupt twice without learning a thing or two. Maybe. Why twice?

Hilary has been round the block a few times. She’s had to deal with Bill for starters and that’s no walk in the park. Who understands the email scandal, or why it matters? Any security insider will tell you that if she hadn’t been Secretary of State she would have been arrested and sent to jail.

Slogans are important. Crooked Hilary sticks in the mind. What’s she got against him? In the UK the Leavers used Get Your Country Back. The Remainers had financial forecasts and experts. Where’s the sound bite?

Hilary has experience, but she also has baggage. Trump has money and a big mouth. Where does he keep his garbage? He knows that if he says he’s a winner enough times people will believe him and vote accordingly. What can Hilary say, “I’m a woman. Our time has come.”?

Is it enough? Is it hell.

Disrupt the bird, or her shiny wings won’t open.

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