Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 live! and kicking!

by Luke Rajczuk

Mixed Scottish weather is not stopping both artists and tourists from reporting to the Fringe. Edinburgh is again bulging with performances and hungry for entertainment visitors. From Star Wars’ Dart Vader and crew to the most pierced woman in the world Elaine Davidson. They’re all there to perform and entertain. City’s Royal Mile is filled with colour, surreal acts and brave artists again. Theatre, installations, comedy and acts of all sorts are present in the astonishing capital of Scotland.

_DSC0247This year surprisingly stand-up comedy shows are not taking over the podium in terms of ‘the first and the main thing to see’, which brings the old ‘Street Performance/Theatre’ soul of the festival back to life. It’s called the largest art festival in the world for a reason and it is a vast number of artists, who gather each year to entertain, provoke thoughts, stimulate imagination and reveal new forms of art or it’s interpretation. From neutral or political to comical/satirical and largely colourful, and musical is Edinburgh Festival Fringe and this year it doesn’t disappoint both with the number of artists and visitors.

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