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Atelier MIRU aims to join the battle against waste and re-use valuable furniture, while still providing
excellent quality and design. Along with acquiring a piece infused with history, its journey and story
still captured within the wood, our customers also get to enjoy an object of art. This takes our
mission of recycling a step further. Fine art is the main driving element, offering a new life and
mission for the furniture, while staying loyal to its original design. From a rather abstract angle, it is
transformed into a multi-surfaced painting on a wooden surface. All imagery is original and conveys
a message based on philosophy, mythology and human experience.

The MIRU brand also bleeds into more conventional Fine Art pieces, such as oil/mixed media
paintings and drawings. The work is again mainly inspired by philosophical concepts, such as
duality, identity in a modern society and absurdity in everyday life. It all comes back to a final
understanding of our craving for freedom from all the constraints we are put under. As individuals
living in an absurd and unpredictable world, the art work is set as a platform for self-exploration. All
works, both paintings and furniture, can be purchased as they are displayed in our catalogue or
custom-made given your specific needs or preferences.

Miruna Filip

Miruna Filip

Artist at Atelier MIRU
Miruna Filip, the founder of Atelier MIRU, is a recent Interior Design (BA Hons) graduate from Edinburgh University. During the duration of the course, she felt an increasing interest for furniture, culminating in opening her own workshop. While attending university, she worked simultaneously on her Fine Art and continued in producing pieces that explore a number of themes and speak of her own experiences. She comes from a classically trained background, but prefers to investigate a more distorted approach to the human anatomy and nature.

Originally from Romania, she moved away at an early age and spent the rest of the time with her family abroad due to her father's job, attending international schools in several different countries. This made her more mindful of the diversity in cultures around the world and the cultural effects on one's perception and awareness of the universe. Miruna has won a number of academic and artistic awards and displayed works in museums and galleries, but also has experience in working on a more personal level, such as custom-ordered pieces.
Miruna Filip

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