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From a very young age the world has fascinated me, as a child I was amazed by everything I saw and found myself learning as much as I possibly could. As an adult this passion has been magnified, though I now express this through artwork. I am fascinated by the human condition, society, nature and science, as well as with the more phantasmagorical aspects of the world, like mythology. My artwork is simply an expression of these interests in a physical form. I have recently explored areas of fashion, society and psychology in my project based around androgyny and am currently starting a project (GYA) that will explore the complexities of human beauty and strength.

As a child my family moved to New Zealand for 9 years. I truly believe that experiencing another culture at such a young age has helped develop my practice and interests. I was exposed to a very different way of life and now have a burning desire to explore and learn about as many different lifestyles and cultures as possible because of it. Historia is a project I am producing that directly explores areas of history and culture throughout the development of humanity. Though there is only one piece in this series so far, there are many more planned.

Whilst in New Zealand my Dad passed away, this was an unexpected death and really took its toll on me. My Dad was an artist himself and at the time of his death I was just beginning to discover my own love for art. I vowed then that I would dedicate all work that I would make to his memory, as the passion and pride he had in his work motivates me to push my artwork further and further. My Mum has also had a big impact on my work as an artist as she is truly one of the strongest people I have ever known. The resilience and strength that my Mum has shown over the years has greatly inspired me to be the best I can possibly be and to never give up on my dreams. I know it sounds incredibly cheesy to say that my family have been my biggest inspiration, but it’s true. Both my brother and sister are very important to me and I am more than proud to say that they are my siblings. My brother is pursuing his career in the music industry and inspires me everyday with his talents and his overall outlook on life, and my younger sister is a deeply passionate artist herself, she has direction and determination that I could only dream of.

My artwork, for me, is nothing more than a reflection of my fascination with life, it is a personal exploration of time, history, culture and society as much as it is an expression of passion. I love the fact that art is subjective, and how the meaning of a piece changes depending on who’s looking at it.  I would simply love to know what you personally see in my work so please don’t hesitate to get in contact, I’m always free for a chat. (:

~ Krystan-Grace Sharpe-Young

Krystan-Grace Sharpe-Young

Krystan-Grace Sharpe-Young

Artist, Designer at Krystan-Grace Design
I am a UK based freelance artist. I specialise in portraits, though I find any form of art enthralling. The world is a compendium of uniqueness and passion, and I aim to capture the beauty of this in my work.
Krystan-Grace Sharpe-Young

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