Abstract Odd Fruits by Alex Wong

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The work I’ve shared is just a mixture of illustrative pieces created with various tools that I like to use from pens, markers, spray paint, acrylic and digital. My content usually contains original characters with intertwining elements however I also do fan art with a twist of my own style added to them. Mainly I like to use more vibrate colours to fill the content and I’m always looking to transfer my illustrations on to different surfaces.

My influence and inspiration come from many different factors, from things I’ve seen in different cultures, everyday life objects, creative visual media in general, progressing from learning new mediums, experimenting with styles/techniques and pieces of work from other creative people. A few of my favorite creative individuals are Jan Švankmajer, Juni Ito, Jeremy fish, Kim Jung Gi, Jeff Soto and Nychos.  ~ Alex Wong

Alex Wong

Alex Wong

Visual Artist at Abstract Odd Fruits
Alex Wong (AOF) is a freelance visual artist based in East Kilbride and Hong Kong. AOF’s body of work includes quirky illustrations, street art, live art for events, product photography, logo design and making video edits of local artists creating.
Alex Wong

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