R. Missing and their EP ‘Unsummering’

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Before I share my thoughts on the EP ‘Unsummering’ I’d like to say a little bit about R. Missing. A little is all I can say because from what I can gather from their social media presence their image is built on mystery. The group appears to be made up of She Missing who handles the vocals/bass and He Missing who deals with the more enigmatic other portion of the group. Personally I like what they’re doing because it instantly makes R. Missing a more interesting package, not that they need anything like that to get people listening because this EP was a revelation.

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Unsummering’ the titular track was incredibly strong, it’s one of those songs where you can get lost in. I lost count of the amount of times I replayed it before I started writing this review. In my head this is a compliment and so I hope it’s taken as one but it reminds me of something that might have made its way into the soundtrack for Scott Pilgrim vs The World. The track though is a rich electronic beat, with She Missing lending her breathy voice to the vocals.

Kelly was a Philistine’ was also a spectacular track, which has an equally intense music video. I think hook for this track gets stuck in your head. I just kept humming it, and in the same insidious way good music always does I just couldn’t stop. This track has some great synth parts which help to build up a multi layered song.

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Deeper Holes’ is a little different from the previous two tracks, a little more….etherial for lack of a better word. I chalk that up to She Missing’s vocals. The electronic drum beat plays throughout adding a consistent tempo to the track, which I think helps keep you involved as a listener.

Birthright’ Has a really good intro, sharp electronic tones and another consistent drum beat as well as vocals, which are somehow emotional and distant at the same time. I find it so hard to peg this band and its music down, which is a good thing.

Mostly Back’ I happen to love esoteric name choices, so I hoped to like this track and I wasn’t disappointed. It has a different vocal style to the previous tracks, somehow a little more heavy, and accompanying them an echoed undertone.

Mouser’ instantly felt like it had more energy because of the drum build up. It levels out to another melodic, electronic track that like the rest of the tracks on this album feels very atmospheric, like if it fills the room a little when you play it. I think excluding the titular track this was probably my favourite track of the EP.

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