EE BAFTA Film Award Nominations in 2016

13th February 2016
Take a look at the highlights from this year's panel discussion on BAFTA Film Awards Nominations with Xan Brooks, Rhianna...
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On The Road Again!

2nd February 2016
by Benjamin Storey It’s January 22nd. For the love of God! Dear Gentile Readers, The tour is going great, lots...
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Snowboard & Ski at Scottish Glenshee

18th January 2016
by Luke Rajczuk The winter has arrived in Scotland with heavy snow in the Highlands bringing skiers and snowboarders to...
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BAFTA nominations for 2016

8th January 2016
by Luke Rajczuk BAFTA nominations for 2016 68th Annual Bafta Awards nominees were annouced by Stephen Fry and Gugu Mbatha-Raw...
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

30th December 2015
by Luke Rajczuk Here it is again! Well worth the wait for the brand new Star Wars film that gathers...
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Letter to Asylum Seekers

16th December 2015
by Rupert Wolfe Murray Dear Asylum seekers, First of all, welcome to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern...
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11th December 2015
by Rupert Wolfe Murray I don’t think I’m alone in hating Starbucks, the American coffee shop that has spread its...
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Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

9th December 2015
by Luke Rajczuk Made by Alex Gibney (Enron, We Steal Secrets) this is the most recent documentary on the life...
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Life and a quarter scale statue of a bear in Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens

28th October 2015
by Luke Rajczuk His name was Wojtek spelled 'Voytek' and he was a 'soldier bear' who was saved by the...
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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 live! and kicking!

1st October 2015
by Luke Rajczuk Mixed Scottish weather is not stopping both artists and tourists from reporting to the Fringe. Edinburgh is...
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And down go the chimneys of Scotland

1st October 2015
Over 160kg of nitro glycerine based explosives were used in 1500 charge holes drilled in two chimneys
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