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Before I get started I just want to say a little about Callum Easter, he is an Edinburgh based singer songwriter, who manages to balance a variety of styles in this tremendous EP.

‘Get Don’t Want’ was released on the 16th December 2016 and if you haven’t heard it then I strongly suggest you get a copy now.

‘Feelings Gone’ opens strong with a nice energy filled song, it’s a true fusion of electronic sounds mixed with a nice catchy chorus, Feelings Gone is the lead track and if all the other songs on this EP are even half as good as this one then the listener is in for a treat.

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‘Want it Sometime’ was different from the previous track, it begins a little more simply, before picking up this synth powered momentum. I feel like this would be at home as the soundtrack to a movie, just something about it would go well to a video. I think this track will be a favourite for many from the EP.

‘Chemo Bells’ Again changes things up, with jangling electric keys and Easter’s distinct Scottish twang, I really liked this track, is felt really busy but it’s certainly one you’ll remember and the lines are profound in a way that some songwriters forget to include. I really like spoken word, and it blends well with the music which puts you on edge, you really listen to what’s being said. Finally the song just seems to spin out of control at the end, which ties in the whole imagery all too well. I think this was my personal favorite from the EP and one that’s well worth repeated listens.

‘Second Space’ Radically different from the previous track in such a way that it lets me know Easter isn’t afraid to shake things up, but it still has that seem discordant energy to it, you can’t help but get taken in by it. Easter is truly talented in evoking feeling and imagery with his vocals and music and he uses the electronic medium incredibly well. I liked the harmonica in this track. It wasn’t something I was expecting and it added to the blend of sounds that make these tracks so distinctive,


‘Imaginary People’ With a name like this I was looking forward to this track and I wasn’t disappointed, it opens on what I think are electronic horns, and a choir of voices which go incredibly well together, the vocals however were the best part of it, and the lyrics, definitely another standout from an EP filled with such unique and awesome tracks. Like his previous tracks this one has a lot of build, it doesn’t let the audience go until it’s over, it just hits you hard and doesn’t stop.

‘Little Burden’ has a smoother, softer intro distinctly more folky than the previous tracks and he does it well proving once and for all that Callum Easter can’t be confined to a style. After five tracks filled with energy and build this helps you unwind and come back down and I think then that its placement in the line-up is perfect. But it doesn’t just serve as an auditory palate cleanser after some avant garde tracks because it’s a fantastic addition on its own and well worth a listen either way.

So there we have it, those are my thoughts on Callum Easter’s EP ‘Get Don’t Want’ and if you want to get a copy for yourself then follow this link to his bandcamp.

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