The Big Kid Circus TOUR

Photo courtesy of: The Big Circus

by Caroline Malcolm-Boulton

Roll up, roll up! The Big Kid Circus is currently touring Scotland and their show is indeed an indulgence in magic, physical art and suspense for the whole family.

The circus, which has been running for many years, was created by spouses Kiril Kirlov and Bili-Anna, who were known as the renowned Duo Jordanov. With a family background and tradition in the international circus world that boasts over 50 years and three generations, showbiz is certainly their gift. After many years of working, the pair decided to combine his skill for business management and her eye for choreography, and together, they created their own distinctive show.

The performance consisted of a variety of acts that rebelled against the nature of bodily science and blended with the complex art of movement. With glittering costumes, atmospheric music and binary lighting, we waited to be dazzled. The audience drew breath as women twisted and flipped high in the air on hoops and with the assistance of merely one rope, and a group of acrobats flew from springboards and summersaulted onto chairs several feet in the air. With one eye-popping routine after the other, the programme was a witness to a beautiful and unusual expression of sport and dance, rarely expressed and seen in Scotland.

The whole event was a jaw-dropping extravaganza and made a nostalgic experience of the circus and exotic entertainment world come alive in the modern day. I almost felt like I had stepped back in time and was viewing an authentic, classic performance from bygone years.

With a succession of superb acts that are sure to impress, The Big Kid Circus is worth catching as it travels around the country and will make a grand day out for kids and parents alike.

Video courtesy of: Big Kid Circus 2017

Caroline Malcolm-Boulton

Caroline Malcolm-Boulton

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Caroline Malcolm-Boulton
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  1. Just back home from the circus in Lanark it was yet another fabulous show from start to finish. I go to your show ever year I would recommend it to everyone.


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