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I was born in Zurich, Switzerland and picked up my first pen when I was 3 years old. I have been drawing and painting since then, and developed a love for storytelling and sequential art. After high school I moved to Scotland to study Illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art, which really helped and pushed my work. Now I still live in Edinburgh and make art while drinking a lot of tea. I like walking around and sketching at the local galleries, sitting in the meadows when the sun is out, going ice skating when I can and petting stray cats.

I enjoy delving into detailed, colourful pieces that tell stories – both my own and other people’s. I like imaginative landscapes and characters, some obvious to the viewer and some open to interpretation. Once I get a starting point (a theme, a quote, an article, a story) I have a lot of fun playing around with composition, colour and format. Having an applied context or purpose behind my work gives me guidance. I have been making both comics and book illustrations for many years, and have always been very inspired by mythology and folklore.

I aim to have a consistent stylistic approach but be flexible with my medium and subject matter. I enjoy fantasy, world-building and stylising reality. I use intricate details, patterns, colour, movement and flowing, rounded shapes in my work.

I’ve always made traditional drawings and paintings, and try to retain those techniques. My artistic process for my most recent work is fairly straight-forward, beginning with pencil and ink drawing. Then the drawing is scanned and coloured digitally with a WACOM drawing tablet on Photoshop. ~ Sara Ljeskovac

Sara Campbell

Sara Campbell

Artist, Illustrator at Sara Julia Illustration
I am a Swiss-born Illustrator who graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art Illustration course. I'm most interested in narrative based illustration, folklore, mythology and cats. I work both traditionally and digitally, usually drawing and inking by hand before scanning and colouring.
Sara Campbell

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